Delicious Fish Soup

Resting in the cool of the day in the comfort of your home with a bottle of cold soda drink and a plate of fish soup will make your day!

Roasted Fish

Have a couple of our roasted fish and make a delicious fish stew, vegetable fish stew or egusi stew for the enjoyment of your family and thank us later.

Light Roasted Fish

This can be used as a dessert or can be taken with a cold garri flakes on a sunny afternoon/cool evening; all for you enjoyment.

Big and Tasty

Contact us for a large, nourishing and tasty catfish for any occasion. We can breed to any size; make your order now.

We Deliver

We deliver FREE to your door within certain proximity if you buy some considerable quantity. Reach out for more info.

Eco Friendly

Our source is from a trusted and well managed environment, hence, the reason for the good taste!

Always Fresh

All our staff are well vast and proficient in breeding our products & as such, our fishes & other products are FRESH all day.

Points to Note

Catfish Health Benefits: Catfish may be low in calories and sodium, it is rich in protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

Catfish is a seafood that is a great source of nutrients which includes vitamin B12, selenium & omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. You can never go wrong with eating it!

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